God Made Not Death

“‘God made not death…for he created all things that they might have their being’ (Wisdom of Solomon 1:13,14). There is no death in the plan of God’s creation, in its structure. Death ‘came into the world through the envy of the devil’ (2:24), for ‘God created man to be immortal, and made him to be an image of his own eternity’ (v.23) […] The mortal nature of life is only its sickness, which is inevitable in the given state of life but not incurable. There was no death and there will be no death. Man was not originally created for death; the natural possibility of immortality was implanted in him. […] Death consists in the fact that man’s spirit, which originally came from God and in this sense is both created and uncreated, departs the ‘earth,’ to which his created nature belongs: a body animated by a soul. […] By no means does death signify that the Creator has failed in His work of creation and that He therefore destroys it Himself, as it were; for death is not the annihilation of life, but only a particular state of life, and in this sense it is an act of life. True, death did not have to exist since God did not create it. Nevertheless, the possibility of death is contained in man’s complex composition and it has not yet been overcome precisely because of this complexity.” (Sergus Bulgakov, The Bride of the Lamb, pgs.350, 351, 352)