An Accidental View of Beauty

I had one day to take a photo-safari into Seattle and had decided that the Japanese Garden would be my first stop.  You can see all my photos by clicking on the link above or view a few photos at my blog Seattle’s Japanese Garden.

Serendipitously, the cab driver who was sure he knew where the Japanese Garden was dropped me off at the Asian Art Museum.   He told me, “Asian is Japanese.”

So while I discovered I was at the wrong location, I found the Museum to be a worthy visit anyway.   Then to my delight I discovered that the Museum was in Seattle’s Volunteer Park which had a wonderful Dahlia Garden, the photos from which you are now enjoying.

The Dahlias were in full bloom and stunningly beautiful.

As usual I was awed by the variety in shape and color and beauty with which God has bejeweled the world.   Solomon in all his glory is said not to have been robed more glorious than the lilies of the field.  The Dahlias however would give the lilies beautiful competition.

The splendid though serendipitous surprises were not yet over as can be seen in the photo above and those below.

For the Dahlia Garden was right between the Asian Art Museum and the Volunteer Park Conservatory, which was a green house of exotic floral beauty including my favorites – the orchids (photo above and below).

Orchids are a perfect example of one species of flower that has diversified into a multitudinous number of forms, shapes and colors.

The Conservatory was the 3rd wonderful surprise of the cab driver’s error.

So despite being taken to the wrong location, I was delighted by what I saw and was able to photograph.  If you click on the various links throughout this blog it will connect you to my sets of photographs from the mentioned locations.

The next surprise was that I had to walk about 45 minutes to get to my intended destination, the Japanese Garden.  But it was worth every minute of the walk.

“How manifold are Your works,

O Lord,

in wisdom you have made them all!”