My Photo-blogs

I was asked to create a blog that lists various photo-blogs I’ve made in the last couple of years.  Below is at least a partial list of those blogs.  They are not listed in any particular order.  All of the photos which appear in the blogs are my own, except where noted.

Happy Mother’s Day!    Some animal moms and babies photos

Butterflies of Brazil at the Krohn Conservatory

25 May Hailstorm

A Safari to the Wilds

Happy Father’s Day!

Paintings for Sale

Independence Day: Being a Christian

St. Paul’s Backyard (2011)

2011 Dayton Air Show

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Macro Photography

Miamisburg Mound Sunset

St. Paul Church’s Backyard (2011)

Equal Time for the Sunrise


Seattle’s Japanese Gardens

An Accidental View of Beauty

Pretty as a Picture

A Sunny Day is a Sunny Day

The OCA Chancery

Holy Friday Photos

March Madness: A Seasonal Disorder

A Trip to the Wilds

An Evening Meeting with my Neighbors

Perambulating Through Life

Glory to God for All Things (Illustrated)    A blog series (I took many but not all of the photos in the series)

Beauty as a Witness to the Creator

The Flower of Prayer

The Little Things in Life Tour of Sugarcreek Metropark

2010 Vacation

Vacation: Enjoying God’s Creation

The Installation of Icons at St. Paul Church

Visit to Washington DC

2009 Dayton Air Show

From Sea to Shining Sea

God’s Sapience and Science

Snake Eyes

A Dickens of a Christmas

The Art Of

A Visit to San Diego

Psalm 74:16  –  In Praise of the God of Creation

Zoe Logical

Miami Valley Orchid Society Spring 2012 Show

The Genesis 1-3 Creation Narrative Pictured

Without Winter Can There Be Spring?

Walking with Spring in my Step

Walking with the Lord

A Bright Week Visit to DC

Psalm 104:1-12

Psalm 104:13-23

Psalm 104:24-35

Psalm 104 (PDF)

Psalm 19 Pictured

In Praise of God our Creator

Augustine: Creation’s Witness to God

Chrysostom:  Creation’s Witness to God

The Church New Year (2012)

The Wonder of and Gratitude for God’s Love

The Hymn of the Three Holy Youths Pictured, Daniel 3:57-72 Pictured, Daniel 3:73-87 Pictured

Find God to Find Yourself

International Migratory Bird Day

A Day at Caesar Creek Lake

Krohn Conservatory’s 2013 Butterfly Show

Yosemite National Park

Images of San Francisco

The Blessing of the Bees

Hummingbird Moths

A Caesar Creek Park Walk

In Praise of Christ the Creator

Evening and Morning: One Day

To Bee or Not to Be

A Walk Around the Lake

The Gardener and The Thistle

The Magnificent Creator

Exalting God

Heaven and Earth are Full of His Glory

Monarch Butterfly Day

Blessing Water: In Praise of Our Creator

St. Innocent Enlightener of America

Visit to Boston

The 9/11 National Memorial

NYC Never Sleeps but Enjoys Places of Quiet

The Sun as Symbol of the Good

Worshiping in Beauty and in Truth

Marveling at the Creator

Natural Beauty

Favorite Views of 2013

Psalm 148 Pictured

The Dawn and the Gospel

Righteousness: A Tree of Life

Grand Canyon 2014

The Desert Blossoms

Uplifted by the Wind

Ides of March: From Moonset to Sunrise

Snowdrops – Hopeful Harbingers of Spring

Costa Rica

Another Look at Costa Rica

Costa Rican Animal Moms

Costa Rica Cuatro

How Sweet It Is To Bee

Every Single Thing is a Droplet of God’s Love

The Dexterous God

Enjoying Nature

Spider Webs

Autumn Excellence

God Who Enthrones the Morning in Glory

Thanksgiving (2014)

What I Saw of 2014 in Photos

The Beauty of Light

Early Spring Flower Show

Orchestrating Orchidacea

Orchids at Franklin Park Conservatory

Autumn Colors (2015)

A Perception of the Creator

2015 in Favorite Photos

You can also see some of my favorite photos on my flickr account.   Click on any of the photos there which will take you to the listed set of favorite photos.  Then just click on the “Slideshow” button above the thumbnail photos and you can view my photos.

The Temptation of Flattery

“Avoid flattery. Flattery confirms sinners in their evil desires by giving them praise. Avoid flatterers. Flatterers tongues rivet souls to their sins.

Not only do we normally steer clear of anyone who is in a position to reprimand us, we look for someone to heap praises on us. Whereas we ought to pray with the Psalmist: ‘Let a good person strike or rebuke me in kindness.’ [Ps. 141:5] Look for reproof, rather than praise. If your friend is good and kind, when he sees you are set to commit a sin, he will correct you in his kindness.

It is the Lord who deigns to speak through the one who corrects his brother or sister. He speaks so that the brother or sister who is reproved may not be lost.

The one who reprimands another does not hate. Indeed, he reprimands precisely because he does not hate. What then is the result? Listen to Scripture: ‘Reprove a wise person and he will love you.’ [Prov. 9:8]

Do not therefore covet praise which can make you a sinner; you will only collect contempt in the end if you do. It is better to love a good person who reproves you in his kindness.”    (St. Augustine on Psalm 140 in Drinking from the Hidden Fountain: A Patristic Breviary, pg. 43)