The Entry of the Theotokos into the Temple (2011)

“According to St. Gregory Palamas, Mary, from her entry into the temple, served her apprenticeship in prayer: first the traditional prayer to Yaweh, then the prayer to the Son after the archangel revealed the name of Jesus. From the Annunciation onward, Mary’s entire movement of the heart tended between prayer to God and prayer to the one she carried in her, whose name she knew and murmured in a motherly way – the one to be born, Jesus.  In this manner, Mary gradually learned the meaning of her own motherhood by being at the same time turned completely toward her Son and toward God. In her, the Name of Jesus and the Name of God blended. The entire mystery of Mary lies in the unceasing and loving invocation of these two names. Through the grace of the Spirit whose breath penetrated her, these names carried the presence of the Father and the presence of the Son.” (Boris Bobrinskoy, The Compassion of the Father, pg. 103)

A blessed Feastday to all!

The Truly Rich are Those who Give Their Wealth to Others

“The love of beautiful objects must not become purely selfish. If it does, we shall end up not knowing what the true beauty is like. It would be sad indeed if people were to say of us:

‘Their land, their slaves and their capital assets are worth fifteen millions, but they themselves are only worth three pennies.’

[…] We must continually repeat those amazing words of the Lord: ‘Sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven, where there are neither robbers nor rust.’ (cf. Matt. 19:21; 6:20) The truly rich are not those who keep their riches to themselves but those who give to others. Happiness comes not from possessing wealth but from giving it away. Whatever is generously given away becomes a fruit of the soul. It therefore become’s the soul’s wealth.”   (Clement of Alexandria in Drinking from the Hidden Fountain: A Patristic Breviary, pgs. 294 – 295)