Christopher’s Restaurant Christmas Charity Icon Sale (2011)

Christopher’s Restaurant & Catering, 2318 E. Dorothy Lane, Kettering, OH 45420, has for many years hosted a December Charity art sale.   All of the proceeds from the sale of the displayed art in December is donated by the restaurant to charity – this year to a prison ministry and a women’s shelter.

You are welcomed to stop in at the restaurant at any time to view the Nativity Icons on display.

Again this year, Christopher’s is featuring the iconography of Daryl C., a prison inmate, who converted to the Orthodox Church while in prison.  Shortly after his conversion he began painting icons using materials and tools which are limited by prison rules.

The icons this year are either framed or have a painted frame around them. The frames were donated by Patterson-Chase Company.     They vary in size from 4″x 6″ to about 12″ x 18″ with the asking price ranging from $65 to $160 plus shipping.   Many of the icons this year have gold leaf in them.

If you have interest in purchasing an icon, contact Christopher’s owner, Chip Pritchard, at (937) 299-0089 or at

You can view all 15 of Daryl’s 2011 Christmas Icons at Daryl C’s 2011 Icons.  Just click on the “Slideshow” button above the thumbnail photos to view the icons full size.

If you are interested in commissioning Daryl to paint you an icon, please contact

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