A Dickens of a Christmas

The historic St. Anne’s Hill district of Dayton hosts a Christmas themed walk through some of its homes.

This year’s walk was called “A Dickens of a Christmas.”

I was given a Christmas present of a ticket to join the walk.

My camera gives me a good excuse to join such a walk.

Without a doubt, some people are skilled at decorating their homes.

Christmas brings out the best in creative home decorations.

I’m not a creative person, and don’t decorate my home, so I enjoy the creative efforts of others.

Not being a creator of beauty, I still enjoy it, and try to capture it in photos.

You can see the entire set of my photos of the St. Anne’s Christmas tour.   Just click on the “slideshow” button above the thumbnail photos to see the tour.

I hope you enjoy and appreciate the creativity of these home owners and  the beauty they create in their homes.  I wish all of you a Merry Christmas!  You can find links to all my photo blogs at My Photo Blogs.

Christ is born!

Glorify Him!

Giving Your Attention and a Kind Word

“Likewise, a kind word is more acceptable than a gift. In many cases, you see, attention in word has helped a needy person back on his feet more effectively than a gift. Aware of this, then, let us make no difficulty about meeting visitors; instead, if on the one hand we are in a position to alleviate their poverty, let us do so with love and cheerfulness, not as giving something but as gaining very great advantage. On the other hand, if we cannot do so, let us not be uncivil with them but at least offer them attention in word and respond to them with restraint.”  (St. John Chyrsostom in Homilies on Genesis 18-45, pg. 416)