Christ was Born that You might Live

“O man, for thy sake was Christ born, and the Son of God came that He might make thee to live; He became a babe, He became a child, and He became a man, being (at the same time) God in His Nature, and the Son of God. He Who was the Lawgiver became a reader, and He took the Book in the synagogue, and read, saying, ‘The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, and therefore He hath anointed Me, and hath sent Me to preach the Gospel to the poor ’ (St. Luke 4:18).”  (The Paradise of the Holy Fathers, Volume 2, pg. 243)

2011 Christmas Blogs now Available as PDF

Although they weren’t a threaded series of blogs, all of my blogs related to the theme of Christmas, the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ, are now available as one PDF.

Since some readers prefer reading them in the PDF format as one document rather than searching through all of the blogs on this site, you can find them as one document at  2011 Christmas Blogs (PDF).  They are placed in the chronological order of when they were originally posted as blogs.

You can find a list of all of my blog series which are now available as PDFs with the appropriate links at Blog Series Available as PDFs.

Besides finding it as a PDF, you can also find my 2009 Christmas Blog series beginning at 12 Quotes for Christmas.

Also available as one PDF are my 2010 Christmas Blogs.