Revival of Orthodoxy in Russia (Moscow Exhibition)

I found the video to be extremely well produced and worth watching.  The scenes of the Church in the Stalinist era are very moving.


4 thoughts on “Revival of Orthodoxy in Russia (Moscow Exhibition)

  1. Dear Father Ted,

    Thank you for posting the link to the video showing the Wonderworking Ikon of Our Lady of Tikhvin. In the manner it was presented within the film I was brought back to the first time I encountered this wonderworking image when the Blessed Archbishop John of Chicago brought the holy image of our Lake of Tikhvin to the Christ the Savior Church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I was a young teen when I had this memorable experience which introduced me to a special sanctity and holiness which had an authenticity and brought with it a call. After this encounter my life was different. I was brought into the church of my blood father and just at the age to be making decisions or I thought I was making the decision to go to the Russian/American Orthodox Church more regularly than the Serbian American Orthodox Church where I was baptized as a baby. I was drawn to the Russian/American Church and when St. Herman was canonised as the first Saint for America I was to be sixteen. My great desire was to be a missionary and give my life to Christ.
    This special encounter with this Blessed Ikon of Our lady of Tikhvin was the turning point.

    As your articles of late have discussed what is fate and freewill, this youthful shaping seems to be very important for all my life. Later my second child, Maria (Mary) was born on this day remembering the appearance of Our Lady of Tikhvin over Lake Lagoda. At some point I entered the realm of commentator and instructor in Russian Church Music History when I was able to guide a youngful conductor who contacted me in understanding how Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov was born in the very village of Tikhvin and how this special ikon of Our Lady of Tikhvin influenced him in his development. I compared it the shuttle program that had been in our county and seeing the liftoff’s for space.

    A big part of the research at Christmas Monastery and in our partnerships is to discuss these things which under the Communist yoke and in Stalinist times were wiped (purged) from history’s slate, and are now missing pieces of our life ladder. I would be happy and think we could be pleasing to God to collect information from others who in America made a pilgrimage at one time or another to see this special ikon when it was in America. In my recent relationships with Russia, I have an audience who would want to hear these stories from the American side. I believe the Mother God will use this magnificent Exposition in Moscow to be a sign for World Peace. Let us be past the age of creating terror and making enemies so we can profit on the power aspects of dysinformation and lies. Let us find in our own blood, to all be God’s children and to work and live in harmony.

  2. I was in Russia when a special relic of the ‘Arm of St. George was brought to Moscow from Mount Athos. People stood in a long line and were very patient with each other to wait their turn to venerate these relics. The quiet and respect of the people in Moscow was just as you see in this video.

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  4. Valentina Lootens

    Thank you for sharing, Father. It made me cry and rejoice with my fellow Russians. Once again I saw why I love my Motherland and its beautiful, deep people. It warms my heart to know that Orthodoxy is thriving and more and more young hearts cling to God as the only Source of Life.
    I am very thankful that you have shared this.

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