The Lord Protects Infants

The Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (2012)

The LORD preserves the simple;

when I was brought low, he saved me.

(Psalms 116:6)

St. John Chrysostom  in his commentary on the Psalms notes that some in his day believed that in the above verse “the simple”  refers to “ fetuses not yet emerged from the womb.”  (St. John Chrysostom COMMENTARY ON THE PSALMS  Vol 2, pp 95-96)  This interpretation was aided by the fact that the version of the Psalms he used was read as

“The Lord protects infants;

I was brought low and he saved me.” 

Chrysostom notes that infants and children do not have the skills necessary to survive in this world and all would parish if not for the care of their parents, and the provision of God who loves them.   Chrysostom notes that it is not enough for us to feed and nourish children, they must be protected from animal predators and problems.  That is when he makes his comment that some think Psalm 116:6 refers to fetuses – children are totally dependent on the protection of their parents and of God for they are totally incapable of protecting themselves from all the harmful forces in the world including the abortionist.

The Lord loves the simple, including the infant and the unborn child.  Like God, we are to preserve the life of those that cannot defend themselves.

To view a most wonderful video about the formation of human life in the womb go to From Conception to Birth.