A Visit to San Diego

While the Almighty Creator took a day of rest after the first 6 days of creating, and declared that Sabbath rest to be holy, some of us humans failing to imitate God imagine that we can keep working without any Sabbath rest.  It is a self imposed slavery to one’s own sense of getting things done.   Wisdom says: imitate God!

San Diego Sunrise

Though I don’t do it often enough, I was able to take a few days of rest, going to San Diego. It was for me a photo-safari to a city which I had never previously visited.

The California Tower in Balboa Park

The Spanish and Mexican culture can be seen in the architecture around the city.  Balboa Park is a magnificent park, maybe one of the best city parks I’ve ever seen.

Colonnade in Balboa Park

It was “winter” – at least Southern California style – and during my days there were two “winter” storms which hit, one which brought in 1/4″ of rain!  Of course that was stretched out over a day, so the clouds hung on and it was “chilly.”

Orangutan expressing dismay at the rain

Many of the animals at the San Diego Zoo were taken off display due to the inclement weather.  Even some of the rain forest animals showed displeasure at the rain.  Apparently they have adapted to the normally sunny skies.

Two rain forest orangutans keeping the rain off

Despite the rain, I found many of the residents to be very friendly and to show a welcoming smile.

Signs of the rain were obvious – rain drops clinging to leaves and plants. I had to record this for those who say it never rains in southern California.

I also visited the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and took one of the safaris which I found totally enjoyable.   But though the SD Safari Park has more different species, and has some big cats, I will say that I think Ohio’s The Wilds is even better for a safari (see my blog A Safari to the Wilds).

Where does a full grown male lion sleep?

Of course I went to see some sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.

Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve

I wasn’t disappointed, though the winter storms did rain on my hopes a bit.

La Jolla

Thanks be to God for the great beauty He has placed on this planet.

Oceanside Pier

I did manage to take a whale watching tour as well, and that is about the end of my tale… tail.

Grey whale tail

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