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I do like taking photos of nature.  The process of taking such photos has also caused me to learn a few things about nature as well.  The bonobo for example is said to be the closest animal relative to the human being – genetically speaking that is.  We share 98.8% the same DNA with the bonobo.

Yet in the 1.2% difference in DNA, we can see immense differences in our looks, capabilities and behaviors.  The bonobos are said to be very social and playful, whereas chimpanzees, another close relative, exhibit far more aggressive behavior and have been known to kill monkeys in a rampage.

Below are African Wild Asses.  I know they look more curious than wild, but I was told at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park that they can be pretty wild at times.

The giraffe’s tongue is incredibly long, which enables it to feed on leaves of certain plants with long thorns.

The tongue is black which protects it from sunburn due to prolonged exposure to the sun when the giraffe is feeding.  Some humans can touch their nose with their tongues, this giraffe was able to completely clean his nostril with his tongue – I saw him do it.

Some animals use their coloring as a form of camouflage.  Zebras for example are said to stand in herds because it makes it difficult with their stripping for predators to tell where one animal begins and the other ends or which direction the animal is facing.

Don’t know that rhinoceros stand together to confuse would be predators, but sometimes one cannot tell where one beings or the other ends.

Some animals are said to have signals they send to predators – like one might curl its tail which indicates to the predator that “I have spotted you and am aware of your presence.”  But the signal might also indicate, “but note my neighbor’s tail isn’t curled!”

Of course some don’t  show their tails and butts to predators but rather offer their impressive horns as a warning that I’ll butt your tail.

The tiger remains my favorite animal – it is so beautiful.  The tiger has several different types of growls, one is a “churl” which is thought to be a friendly growl – “I see you, and I am curious.”

Curiosity can change into stalking with a tigress.

Sometimes we anthropomorphize with animals and attribute to them human characteristics.  As I watched the flamingos racing in their pen, it reminded me of photos I’ve seen of the beginning of a marathon race.

There is a beauty and grace observable in nature, though I know better than to romanticize about it for there are also predators and prey.  Yet when I see nature in action, I am thankful for the world that has been created for us.

I also see in nature beauty,  created by nature itself not of intention and of which it remains consciously unaware.

Sometimes it is good just to lay down on the ground and look at the clouds and imagine what could be.

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