Christ, St. Peter and the Geese

I heard this story below first from a friend, but then found a couple of versions on line.  You can read one version on Google Books:  Russian Fairy Tales 1916.

It is a very clever story with many lessons and morals.  Be careful what you ask for.

One day Christ and St. Peter are walking together.

St. Peter said to Jesus, “What a wonderful thing it must be to be God.  I wish that just for one day I could be God.”

Christ agreed to his request and told him that for the rest of that day he could be God.

As they approached the village, a young peasant girl was driving a flock of geese into the meadow.

St. Peter began talking to the little girl and she told him that these were her grandfather’s geese and she had to watch them, but now she had to go into the village for it was a feast day.  She began to leave.

St. Peter stopped her saying, “But who will watch the geese when you are gone?”

The little girl skipping away said, “God will watch them.”

Jesus pointed to St. Peter and told him, “That is you today.”  And while Christ also went into the village to celebrate the feast  for the rest of that day St. Peter had to stay in the field and watch the geese.

He never asked to be God again.

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