Without Winter Can There Be Spring?

Thoughts derived from and dedicated to the lack of winter, 2012.

Without Winter Can There Be Spring?

Winter usually comes like an avalanche interring a season:

the winter solstice, the end of the year, the dead of winter,

dormant, Seasonal Affective Disorder, frozen earth, migration,

hibernation, shortened days, cold weather, shoveling, de-icing,

scraping, clouds and gloom, snow and ice.

Spring, like its name, leaps into being  as an enlivened metaphor:

Not equal to the Equinox, the end of winter’s death throes,

sowing seeds, the sun’s reclaiming the evening,

wind – the breath of life, budding plants, colorful blossoms,

return of the song birds, green, resurrection, regeneration,

hope,  new life, a time to plant, future.

If Winter didn’t come,

will Spring follow?

The magical metaphor of the reinvigorated earth,

transfigured by emerging life, bathed in the warming sun –

will it seem dulled by the brightness of the winter that never was,

Reduced from metaphor to mere season?

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