Theosis: The Unique Theology of Christianity

“For Orthodox theology, God’s becoming human accomplishes not just the moral transformation of humanity (Christ ‘for’ us) but also an ontological transformation (Christ ‘in’ us).

Thanks to God’s assumption of human nature, human nature can be raised from glory to glory to the point of assimilation to divine nature, or theosis (deification). Theosis is an eschatological state, but the process is already underway and can be seen in the radiant lives of the saints. The divine human union in the incarnation points the way to the cultural synthesis of the future by offering the world a better moral and spiritual ideal than the ‘godless human individual’ of modern Western civilization or the ‘inhuman God’ of Islam.”

(Vladimir Soloviev in The Teachings of Modern Christianity: On Law, Politics & Human Nature, Volume 1, pg. 537)

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