The Myrrhbearing Women, Bearing Hope

Before the rising of the sun,

the ointment-bearing women

hastened to anoint the sun

that had disappeared for a while

into the darkness of the tomb,

though it existed before

the sun itself came into being.

These holy women were seeking him

as one would seek the very light of day,

and, as they walked along, they spoke of what they were about to do:

Come, let us hurry! Let us anoint the very source of life as he lies in the grave,

that very one who raised up Adam.

Yes, let us hurry!

We shall bring him a gift of myrrh

and adore him

as once the wise men did,

for, as then he lay wrapped in swaddling clothes,

he now lies wrapped in a burial shroud.

Then, we shall tearfully entreat him:

Rise up, master,

for you alone provide

the grace of resurrection for the fallen!

(Ikos of Paschal Matins, New Skete Monastery)