Mindlessness, Loss of Consciousness and the Neo-Atheist Denial of Humanity (PDF)

The blog series which which began with The Brainless Bible and the Mindless Illusion of Self is now available in one document as a PDF.    The series explores questions about the existence of free will, the mind, the brain and the self.   Neo-atheists who are ideologically committed to a materialistic denial of free will, have claimed neuroscience now proves free will is an illusion, created by the biochemistry of the brain.  Other scientists and atheists have critically questioned the conclusions of these neo-atheists saying they haven’t used science to prove their point, rather they have read their ideological assumptions into facts.  Thus they incorrectly change science, the study of the material universe, into scientism, which is a philosophical ideology but not science.   This blog series is based on the recent books of two scientists:  Michael S. Gazzaniga’s  WHO’S IN CHARGE?:  FREE WILL AND THE SCIENCE OF THE BRAIN and Raymond Tallis’  APING MANKIND: NEUROMANIA, DARWINITIS AND THE MISREPRESENTATION OF HUMANITY.

You can find the blog series as a PDF at Mindless Brains and Loss of Consciousness: The Neo-Atheistic Ideological Denial of our Humanity.

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