Your Guide to the National Parks

I enjoy parks of all kinds, including county parks, as great places for taking a walk, viewing nature and doing some photography to capture the God given beauty on our planet.

Haleakala Sunset

A new book has come out which offers an introduction to all 58 of our national parks.  As wonderful as that is, the book goes beyond introductory materials in offering history, interesting facts, and specific points of interest.  It has hundreds of color photos and full color maps which point out specific must see sites.

The book is YOUR GUIDE TO THE NATIONAL PARKS: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO ALL 58 NATIONAL PARKS  by Michael Joseph Oswald.  As a plus it is also available in a Kindle Edition.

It has a wealth of information about things to do as well as offering information on nearby places of interest, including some lodging, grocery and dining recommendations.  It certainly is a bargain for the price either in the print or Kindle version.  If you have an interest learning about our national parks and/or if you would like to plan some visits to them, this book  would be a welcome companion and resource.  It offers helpful information about what specifically to see at various times of the year when you might visit. It has a wealth of information for the person who likes to carefully plan their visits to our national treasures.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

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