The Ascended and Recognizable Christ

“There is still more. Jesus appears several times in the form of a stranger in order to point out that, henceforth, when the historical Christ has ascended into Heaven, it is with human features easily recognized by us that His divine nature will be clothed. Already He declares to His disciples long before His death that He was hungry and thirsty, that He has been naked and sick, a stranger and a prisoner, in those whom we have fed and given to drink, clothed and looked after, received and visited – and in those who were in need of these things and whom we did not help. ‘As long as you did it to one of these My least brethren, you did it to Me.’ God and His creatures will never be identical. We are not Christ by nature, but we are by participation and by grace. We are His members. It is under this form that Jesus becomes visible and tangible to us. To this generation which declares itself realistic and is unwilling to adore a phantom, Jesus says: ‘See My hands and feet.’ Today on this earth, He has no other feet than those of men. If you are unable to climb directly to Jesus through prayer, leave your house and at once you will find Him in the street in the form of the man and woman who are passing by.”  (Lev Gillet, Jesus a Dialogue with the Savior, pgs. 178-179)