Holiness Alive: The Saints

“Astounding the whole world with their unprecedented preaching of the risen Christ, of God who revealed Himself to men in the flesh and again ascended to His heavenly Kingdom, and sowing the seed of new faith, new life and creation, they passed from this world. And only then did the world begin to catch fire: to burn from the seed they had sown, the words they had spoken and the footprints they had left. Peoples that had persecuted them were scattered over the face of the earth; kingdoms that had stood against them disintegrated into dust; houses that had not received them fell into ruin; great men and sages who had tormented them found shame and despair, and perished miserable. And the seed they had sown sprouted and blossomed; the Church rose from their blood, on the ruins of the violent and false works of men’s hands; those who received them were glorified; those who believed in them and followed them were saved. Oh, how abundantly the Lord nourishes His servants! How abundantly He supplies His faithful sons! How abundantly He, as a Commander, arms all his soldiers!” (St. Nikolai Velimirovic in Homilies: Volume 2, pg. 2)