Tigers are perhaps my favorite wild animal. I use them as my photo ID at the top of my blog for that reason.  Some have asked me, “what is the significance of the tiger at the top of my blog?”   Being vigilant?  No, just a favorite animal.

I think they are truly a beautiful mammal.

Their stripes, coloring and eyes all captivate me.

Tigers are cats and engage in typical cat behavior, including licking their fur.

Above is a mother tiger who gave birth to four male cubs.  She is looking pretty proud of herself.  Some of her cubs are pictured a few photos below.

As I’m recovering from my spinal fusion, I am not able to get out and do any photography.

So I’ve decided to do a photo blog of a favorite photo object of mine: the tiger.

The cub is cute, but those paws are huge.

The adult cats are beautiful, and tiger cubs are cute.  The above are brothers and their mother’s photo was mentioned above.

Above are the brothers about one year later.  They are already big cats.

All of my photos were done at the Cincinnati Zoo, the Columbus Zoo,  the San Diego Zoo Safari Park or the National Zoo in Washington, DC.

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