The Wonder of God’s Renewed Creation

“Exuberance is the experience of things as ever new, and ever renewed in God’s ever-beginning Creation. The world is always amazing and fresh to the religious heart, the heart of the fool certainly, which knows that every day is the first day of Creation.” (Bishop Seraphim Sigrist, Theology of Wonder, pg. 49) 

Archbishop Nathaniel’s Letter and the Future of the OCA

His Eminence, Nathaniel, Archbishop of Detroit and the OCA’s Locum Tenens issued a Pastoral Letter for the Dormition Fast offering at least a glimpse into what the future holds for the OCA.

Archbishop Nathaniel states that the Synod of Bishops is beginning to make preparations for a Special All American Electoral Council at which a new metropolitan will be elected for the Orthodox Church in America.  He is calling upon all members of the OCA to use the upcoming Dormition Fast as a time for prayer and fasting to ask the Holy Spirit to guide our church in preparation for the Electoral Council.

The Holy Synod is in constant contact among members, acting according to the Statute to prepare for the election. In addition to daily communications, the Holy Synod will meet in a special session on August 13, just before the conclusion of the Fast and in anticipation of the celebration of the Feast of the Holy Virgin. Our agenda is to decide on what is necessary to move forward with a decision on the time and place of the Council. For this, we ask your prayers. Other matters, of course, will be taken up.

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