24 Prayers for Each Hour of the Day

St. John Chrysostom (d. 407AD) is credited with forming a series of 24 short prayers, one for each hour of the night and of the day, which are listed below.   Saying short prayers, and ones that can be repeated daily, has long been part of the Orthodox prayer tradition.  The most well known of such prayers is the Jesus Prayer which is known in several variations but its basic form is “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.”   Some give credit to St. Pachomius (d. 346AD) for making popular such short prayers including the repetition of “Lord have mercy.”

Chrysostom’s prayers for each hour of the night:

(1) O LORD, deprive me not of your heavenly blessings.

(2) O LORD, deliver me from eternal torments.

(3) O LORD, if I have sinned in mind, in thought, in word or in deed, forgive me.

(4) O LORD, deliver me from all ignorance, heedlessness, cowardice and hard indifference.

(5) O LORD, deliver me from all temptation.

(6) O LORD, enlighten my heart which has been darkened by lust.

(7) O LORD, I, being human, have sinned; being God, forgive me in your compassion, for you know the weakness of my soul.

(8) O LORD, send your mercy to help me so that I may extol your glorious Name.

(9) O LORD, Jesus Christ, inscribe me, your servant, in the Book of Life and grant me a peaceful end.

(10) O LORD, though I have done nothing good in your sight, grant that through your grace I may now make a good beginning.

(11) O LORD, shower upon my heart the dew of your grace.

(12) O LORD of heaven and earth, remember me, your sinful, shameful and unclean servant, in your kingdom.

Prayers for the hours of the day:

(1) O LORD, accept me in repentance.

(2) O LORD, do not leave me.

(3) O LORD, lead me not into temptation.

(4) O LORD, grant me good thoughts.

(5) O LORD, grant me tears, remembrance of death and humility.

(6) O LORD, grant me mindfulness to confess all my sins.

(7) O LORD, grant me humility, chastity and obedience.

(8) O LORD, grant me patience, courage and meekness.

(9) O LORD, implant in me the root of blessings – the fear of you in my heart.

(10) O LORD, grant that I may love you with all my mind and soul and that I may do your will in all things.

(11) O LORD, deliver me from evil men, from the devil, from bodily passions and from all unlawful things.

(12) O LORD, I know that you act according to your will; may your will also be in me, a sinner, for you are blessed unto all ages. Amen.

(Prayer Book – In Accordance with the Tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Church, Kindle Loc. 600-620)

[I’ll add a personal note:  I think the above mentioned Prayer Book  is one of the best Orthodox prayer books available.  For those who have a Kindle, the book is available as an ebook as well.]