Augustine: Creation’s Witness to God

St. Augustine commenting on Romans 1:19-20 echoes St. Paul’s claim that nature itself is a witness to God and God’s love for His creation.  Augustine writes:

“How did they know God? From the things that God made.

Ask the beauty of the  earth;

ask the beauty of the sea;

ask the beauty of the swelling, spreading air;

ask the  beauty of the heavens;

ask the order of the stars;

NASA Hubble Photo

ask the sun illumining the day with its  brightness;

ask the moon tempering the darkness of the following night with its splendor;

ask the living things moving in the waters,

moving on the earth,

flying in the air;

ask their observable bodies and hidden souls, the visible guided and the invisible guiding  things.

Question these, and they will all answer you: “Behold, we are beautiful.”

Their  beauty is itself their confession.

Who made all these beautiful, changing things, then, if  not the one who is unchangeably beautiful?”

( St. Augustine  in  Romans: Interpreted by Early Christian Commentators, ed. J. Patout Burns Jr., Kindle Loc. 822-26)

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