Orthodoxy in and for the World

Saints of North America

“By the very fact of having access to the meaning of salvation, we Orthodox Christians have the obligation to struggle for the relief of illnesses, grief and fear. Since we have experienced peace, we cannot remain indifferent in the face of its absence from today’s society. Since we have benefited from God’s justice, we struggle for greater justice in the world and for the eradication of all forms of oppression. Since every day, we experience divine clemency, we combat all forms of fanaticism and intolerance between men and nations. Since we incessantly proclaim the incarnation of God and the divinization of man, we defend human right for all men and all nations. Since by the mercy of Christ’s salutary exploits we experience the divine gift of freedom, we can declare its universal value for all men and all nations in a more comprehensive manner Since, having been nourished by the Body and Blood of the Lord in the Holy Eucharist, we experience the need to share God’s gifts with our neighbors, we have a better understanding of famine and deprivation and struggle for their abolishment. Since we await a new heaven and a new earth where absolute justice will reign, we struggle here and now for the rebirth and renewal of man and society.” (The Pan-Orthodox Conference of 1986, For the Peace from Above: An Orthodox Resource Book on War, Peace and Nationalism, Edited by Fr. Hildo Bos and Jim Forest, pg.60)