Christian Stewardship

“In every local church congregation we appoint stewards. The stewards have charge of the material possessions of the Christian community. The money which people give is held by the stewards, who dispense it to those in need. The stewards own nothing themselves; nor do they have any independent power. The money they hold is the property of the community; in dispensing that money they must conform to the principles laid down by the community; and in enacting those policies they are answerable to the community. If a steward fails to discharge his duties to the satisfaction of the community, the community may dismiss him and appoint someone else in his place. All this is well understood by every member of a congregation. In the same way each one of us is the steward of the gifts which God has bestowed, both our material wealth and natural abilities. We do not own these gifts; they belong to God. They are used according to the principles which God has laid down. And each one of us is answerable to God as to whether those principles have been followed. If we fail to use our gifts rightly, he may take them away from us; but more likely he will call us to account after death.” (St. John Chrysostom, On Living Simply, pg. 49)