Nothing Hurts

The Previous blog, Love Beyond the Veil of Rain, is a poem by Vassily Borisevitch, tranlated by  Dr Nikita J Eike, which is taken from a short story in which a Russian Orthodox deacon is punished for being the whistle-blower on his bishop’s sexual abuse.  It happens when the church leadership sees whistle-blowers as a greater threat to the church than clergy who commit sexual abuse.  The verses below are words I myself wrote about the inner turmoil I experience when seeing the church failing to have the courage and integrity to deal with the evil of clergy pastoral misconduct and abuse of any kind.

Nothing Hurts

The pain screaming in my heart:

The silence of power muffling pleas of victims.

What horrible throe stabs His Body and my chest?

Nothing, . . . the response of those responsible.

Too hard to swallow or to speak.

Fearfully visible and so painfully obvious:

Darkness creates a void where compassion should be.

Gnawing at my memory:

Institutional amnesia trying to make the disagreeable disappear.

Christ speaks the word which heals the silence.

Christ, crying tears, as pain convulses His Body.  

His friend Lazarus comes to mind.

Christ opens the eyes so the blind can see the light.

Christ remembers when He comes in His Kingdom.

His Body bears the wounds from the cross

And the wounds of the abuse of Her members.

By His wounds are we healed?  

Sighing and sorrow are still heard, yet to have fled away.

3 thoughts on “Nothing Hurts

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