The Election of Metropolitan Tikhon as Primate of the OCA

Metropolitan Tikhon under the watchful eye of St. James the 1st Bishop of Jerusalem

I just got home from the 17th All American Council  which was held earlier today in Cleveland, OH.  As is now well known the Synod of Bishops elected Archbishop Tikhon to be our new Metrop0litan.  Metropolitan Tikhon served for many years at St. Tikhon’s Seminary and in the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania.   There were no stunning surprises at the Council.  There was only one agenda item – the election of the Metropolitan.  So after the hierarchical Divine Liturgy in the morning, the Council was opened and a vote was taken.  The candidates getting the most votes are all current bishops in the OCA:  Bishops Michael, and Archbishops Tikhon and Melchisedek.  Bishop Michael received the most votes of any one candidate, about 35% of the 590 votes cast.  On the second ballot in which each delegate votes for two candidates, Bishop Michael and Archbishop Tikhon received the most votes and so both of their names were submitted as the candidates of the 17th All American Council for the Synod of Bishops consideration.  The members of the Synod then cast their votes for Metropolitan and Tikhon was elected.   As is true in every generation for the Church, the OCA faces many challenges and problems in dealing with issues in a rapidly changing world.  I certainly think Metropolitan Tikhon is in need of our prayers to help him face the current problems of the OCA, to build the bridges that need to be built or repaired between the OCA and other Orthodox jurisdictions and patriarchates, to see clearly the issues we face in order to bring the wisdom of Church Tradition to contemporary topics.

There was some speculation that perhaps the supporters of retired Metropolitan Jonah might arouse popular support for the former metropolitan to return him to office or to in some other way disrupt the Council.  But popular support for +Jonah was minimal: he receive only 17 votes on both the first and second ballot – suggesting only a tiny minority were interested in him as a candidate and that number did not grow on the 2nd ballot, suggesting that there was no ground swell for the return of the former Metropolitan.

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17th All American Council at Holy Trinity Church, Parma, Ohio