Nativity Blogs 2012

Here are links to all the blogs I posted during the 2012 Nativity Season which are related to the Nativity Fast, charitable giving, Christmas and the Incarnation.

I will continue to add the links as they are posted.

The Beginning of the Nativity Fast 2012

 St. Nikolai and Thankless Prosperity

Giving Charity to Christ

The Poor are Our Brothers and Sisters

Fasting and Eschatology

The Mystery of the Incarnation

What Prevents us from Living Virtuously?

The Virtuous Christian

Christmas Charity: Giving to God

Fasting Before Christmas

Self Control

Christmas: The Emptying of God

The Struggle for Virtue

Sunday of the Forefathers: Confirming Christ’s Humanity

Christmas: Healing Humanity

The Sin of Greed

Christmas: The Time for Charity

The Advent of Christ

Light and Lamp

Mystery: Beholding a Glorious Wonder

The Incarnation: Science, Mystery, Truth

Joy Clears the Skies

Fasting For Christmas

Imaging the Incarnation in Song

The Nativity of Christ (2012)

The Birth of Christ

Seeking the Newborn Christ

God Creates Humans to Become Human

Christmas Today

Imitating the Magi

The Virginal Birth of Christ

The Incarnation and The Resurrection

2012 Christmas Blogs as a PDF

I have also in past years collected the blogs each Nativity Season into a PDF.  You can find links to each year’s collection of Christmas blogs (2009-2011) at 2011 Nativity Blogs as a PDF.  The Christmas blogs from 2012 are as a PDF at 2012 Christmas Blogs PDF.

Christmas: The Emptying of God

“He was conceived by the Virgin, who was purified beforehand in both soul and flesh by the Spirit, for it was necessary that procreation be honored and that virginity be honored more.

He comes forth, God with what he has assumed, one from two opposites, flesh and spirit, the one deifying and the other deified. O the new mixture! O the paradoxical blending! He who is comes into being, and the uncreated is created, and the uncontained is contained, through the intervention of the rational soul, which mediates between divinity and the coarseness of flesh. The one who enriches becomes poor; he is made poor in my flesh, that I might be enriched through his divinity. The full one empties himself; for he empties himself of his own glory for a short time, that I may participate in his fullness.”

(St. Gregory of Nazianzus – d. 391AD, Festal Orations, pg. 71)

Links to all of this year’s blogs related to the Nativity of Christ can be found at Christmas Blogs 2012.