The Sin of Greed

DSC_0001“Jesus spoke more about avarice than about any other sin. Just count the times He talked about money – ‘riches’, ‘possessions’, ‘mammon’. His attention, unlike ours, was not fixated on lust or violence but on the more socially respectable (and therefore the more hidden and dangerous) sins. He scandalized his disciples with many hard sayings about detachment from worldly goods and about how hard it would be for a rich man to enter his Kingdom.[…]Avarice has two parts: greed to get what we don’t have and greed to keep what we have. Thus the two opposites of avarice are 1.) contentment, voluntary poverty, and 2.) liberality, generosity, having mercy on others.”  (Peter Kreeft, Back to Virtue, pg. 110)

You can find links to all the blogs I have or will post during this year’s Christmas season at 2012 Nativity Blogs.

3 thoughts on “The Sin of Greed

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