Christmas: The Time for Charity

“The thing is well-pleasing to God not when a man acts mercifully on account of some human consideration but because the act is good in itself and because he acts sincerely out of compassion. That is truly well-pleasing to God! The thing is perfect when a man gives alms without meanness or reluctance, without despising the recipient but with eagerness according to his ability, of deliberate choice, giving as freely as if he were receiving, doing a kindness as graciously as if a kindness were being shown to him – then it is perfect. And so a man is well-pleasing to God, doing his will, as the Apostle says, the good, the well-pleasing and the perfect thing. This is to act with knowledge.”

(Dorotheos of Gaza – 6th Century AD, Discourses & Sayings, pg. 208)

You can find links to all the blogs I have or will post during this year’s Christmas season at 2012 Nativity Blogs.

2 thoughts on “Christmas: The Time for Charity

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