The Price of Wealth and the Emptiness of Possessing Everything

While wealth in this world is often sought, less frequently do believers think about the stewardship responsibilities and spiritual risks that come with possessing material blessings.  Some treat wealth as a free pass to do whatever they want and never to have to answer for their wasteful or selfish actions – after all, they can afford it.  But there is a human and spiritual price to be paid for wealth.

“People who think out evil in their hearts bring death and captivity upon themselves, especially those who seize upon this present world for themselves and boast of their wealth and do not turn their will toward the good things that are to come.” (Shepherd of Hermas – ca 90AD,  What the Church Fathers Say About…Vol 2, pg. 143)

The witness of many of the saints is that possessing everything in the world is still holding on  to emptiness for neither the person nor the possessions last forever,whereas the Lord’s mercy is eternal.

“O God, I do not wish the things of this world; all I want is you and your mercy.” (Monk Theodore to St. Pachomius -d. 346AD, Penthos: The Doctrine of Compunction in the Christian East by Irenee Hausherr)

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