Great Lent: The Search for True Freedom


“Freedom is not to be confused with ‘free choice,’ which lies at the root of our human sins. Sin results from making the wrong choice, and suffering and death come forth from it. True freedom, therefore, results from submitting ourselves to the will of God. Moses is a symbol of this true freedom of man, for his is a model of the true servant of God.            […]          In other words, ‘freedom’’ for a Christian does not mean ‘do whatever you want.’ Rather it is found in our free and humble submission to the will of God. No-one can be ‘free’ by virtue of his own powers. The Greek Fathers underscored the principle of synergy, or co-operation, with God. It is only through Christ, who has freed us from the power of evil, that one may obtain true freedom in God.”

(Joost van Rossum in St. Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly, Volume 49 Number 3, pgs. 303-305)