New PDFs available

The blog series which began with the blog,  The Purpose of Righteousness, which wrestles with the question, “Why be righteous if God gives rain and sunshine to those who are good and to those who are bad?”, is now available as one PDF at  The Purpose of Righteousness (PDF).

Also available as a PDF are a collection of all of blogs posted with a Lenten Theme during this year’s Great Lent at Great Lent 2013 (PDF).

Also now available as a PDF are the two blogs which began with A Walk Through Holy Week (2013).  The PDF is available at   A Walk Through Holy Week (PDF) which offers a short meditation on the biblical themes and the liturgical celebrations of Holy Week.

You can find a list of all the PDFs I have created from my blogs with links to access them at   Fr. Ted’s Blogs as PDFs.

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