Krohn Conservatory’s 2013 Butterfly Show

The Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati, Ohio,  has an annual butterfly show which this year was themed, “Butterflies of Morocco”  (April 20-June 30, 2013).

In some ways the butterfly show is similar each year.  And yet, it is hard for me to tire of watching the butterflies flutter and float through the air or sipping the nectar from flowers.

At least in a butterfly show what is there to dislike about butterflies – they float freely through the air, they are beautifully colored and of so many shapes and varieties, they drink nectar, they emerge royally from cocoons transfigured from caterpillars into butterflies.

Even Heavyweight boxing champ Muhammad Ali desired to float like a butterfly.

As far as I can determine, there is no mention of butterflies in the Bible, a Lepidoptera  lacuna?

Despite the lack of biblical interest in butterflies, they are a beautiful part of God’s creation.

There is however, a nice story from the desert fathers, commending the appreciation of nature.

A certain Philosopher asked St. Anthony,  ‘Father, how can yo be so happy when you are deprived of the consolation of book?’

St. Anthony replied, ‘My book, O philosopher, is the nature of created things, and any time I want to read the words of God, the book is before me.’

(adapted from Thomas Merton, THE WISDOM OF THE DESERT, p 62)

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