Humility: Imitating the Lord

In Christianity, whenever we contemplate Jesus Christ, we reflect on the Incarnation.  Jesus is God in the flesh.   As we think about Christ’s love and humility and servant status, we are thinking about the nature of our God.  Jesus is not only a good man, or even a perfect man, though He is both.  He also is the God of love in the flesh, revealing to us our God in the most amazing and unexpected way – as a human being.

“If humility is a supernatural gift of God, not everyone who is by nature gentile, quiet, prudent, or meek can be regarded as humble.[…]Humility of heart can occur in someone for two reasons: either as a result of a precise knowledge of one’s sins; or as a result of recollecting the lowliness of our Lord – or rather, as a result of recollecting the greatness of God and the extent to which the greatness of the Lord lowered itself in order to speak to and instruct us human beings in various ways – so abasing himself that he even took a body from humanity. How much did our Lord’s body endure, what did it have to go through, how despised did he appear to the world, while all the time he possessed ineffable glory on high with God the Father, with the angels trembling at the sight of him as the glory of his countenance blazed among their ranks! In our case, he appeared in such lowliness that human beings could, because of the ordinariness of his appearance, seize hold of him as he spoke with them and hang him on the wood of the cross.” (Hilarion Alfeyev, The Spiritual World of Isaac the Syrian, pg. 115)

4 thoughts on “Humility: Imitating the Lord

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