A Day at Caesar Creek Lake

Recently I agreed to be a volunteer photographer for the US Army Corps of Engineers at Caesar Creek Park.  My first “assignment” was taking pictures for the Bird Banding International Migratory Bird Day.

On Saturday, June 8 I was asked to join the Take A Warrior Fishing Day, an event to honor  military veterans and to offer them something for their own willingness to serve the country.   I spent part of my day on the water with a Park Ranger.

It was a wonderful event in that it took a great amount of coordination between the Army Corps of Engineers, park volunteers, organizations which support vets, and local businesses and organizations which donated many items from food to fishing gear for the vets.  Additionally a number of area boaters donated the use of their boats to take the vets out on the lake fishing.

You can find the full set of all my photos at Take A Warrior Fishing.   Here I am going to include a few of my favorite photos for the day, not necessarily the photos that best capture the day’s event – take a look at my set of photos for that.

Vets and their families came out for the day and the weather was wonderfully cooperative, though apparently lake water was a bit too warm for the taste of many of the fish who decided to skip the event.

Though Caesar Creek is known for its muskie fishing, those fish were being pretty lethargic in the warm waters.  The weather and the event were great which made up for the few fish joining the event goers.  And they weren’t even cooking fish for lunch!

And he roots for the right team too!
Blue Herron – a competing fisherman.
Hunters, fishermen, recreationists, nature lovers all have reason to support our national and state parks.
Humans and herron headed in opposite directions but both grateful for the lake.
Seagull reflecting on water.
Someone caught the goal of the day.

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