Images from the California Coast

After visiting  the city of San Francisco and Yosemite National Park (click the links to see my photos of these places), my son, John, and I drove on Highway One down the California Coast along the Pacific Ocean.

We were treated with magnificent coastal views, but also some wonderful wildlife.

At Pfeiffer Beach we were treated to a wonderful view of the ocean.  However, the wind was howling, and if you smiled, your teeth got sandblasted.  We saw a very few brave souls carrying picnic baskets, but about all they could expect to eat was sandwiches with a lot of emphasis on the sand.

The beach is known for its purple sand.

McWay Falls in the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is one of many notable vistas along the coast.  In terms of artistry the coast is a work in progress as learned about the effects of landslides in changing the coast.   Wildfires also change the scenery – a sequoia forest John visited several years ago was wiped out by a forest fire and a landslide.

The coastal views are awe inspiring, and photos cann’t do justice to the overall size of what one is looking at – which was true in Yosemite as well.

We arrived in Los Angeles and visited the Getty Museum, which has a spectacular grounds – the architecture and landscaping are worth the visit.

We did walk the boardwalk at Venice Beach a couple of times.  A tremendous amount of diversity and energy are notable on the beach.  I was looking to photograph a pacific sunset.

And was treated to a moon rise along the beach as well.

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2 thoughts on “Images from the California Coast

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  2. Was that a Sand Pfeiffer in the 7th picture down? My son and his master’s mates in the Architecture School at Arizona State made a field trip just to see the Getty. I’ll have to send him the link to this article.

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