Where is God When You Need Him?

“Where indeed is God, when you need Him? There is only one answer to that agonizing question, one that God Himself gives. It is the truth that ultimate salvation is not of this world but is fulfilled only after our biological death. Jesus came not to heal every malady or save everyone from physical death. Lazarus, after all, would one day die a natural death; and Peter would follow his Lord to martyrdom. Similarly, you and I will die our own death, even if in the meantime God works in our lives miracles of healing. What does this mean for the submariners and all those who face death, who cry out to God from the depths of hell, beseeching Him to save them? It means Christ is there, present in their midst. He is there to suffer with them, to share their anguish and agony, and to lead them through the valley of the shadow of death. They, like Peter and Lazarus, can hold in their hearts and minds the absolute conviction – the absolute truth – that insofar as they seek their salvation in Christ, He will grant it in full. Accompanying them in their dread and their hopelessness, He will guide them – as He guides each of us – toward the ultimate salvation, the ultimate source of life.”   (John Breck, God With Us: Critical Issues in Christian Life and Faith, pg. 218)