The Blessing of the Bees

The bee is small among flying creatures,
but what it produces is the best of sweet things.

(Sirach 11:3)

There has been in the news the alarming stories of the decline of the bee population throughout the world.  Many causes have been postulated to explain this decline.  Whatever the cause, the loss of the bees is a threat to all earthlings of  any species who rely on the plants they pollinate to produce flowers, fruits and vegetables.  The calamity that might be caused by the loss of plant pollinators should concern us all.   Bees are small insects, but hold an important position in the environment and health of the planet’s inhabitants.  Bees are one insect for which there are written prayers in the Orthodox tradition.  Imagine that!  We have such a rich prayer tradition that we pray even for bugs!   To love God’s creation is to become like God.

In the Orthodox Church we have recognized the importance of bees for centuries and have prayers for both bees and beehives.  The  prayers below were adapted from the GREAT BOOK OF NEEDS for the blessing of bees and beehives.  Bees give us beauty and honey.  The wondrous glory of flowers is geared more toward bugs and pollinators than to us.   The flowers are an example of something not primarily anthropomorphically centered.    We are mostly a secondary beneficiary of the beauty of flowers.   They mainly serve the continuation of plant species and to attract pollinators.   Glory to God for the bees!

First Prayer for Bees

O God, the Creator of all, who blesses seed and makes it to increase and makes it profitable for our use:  Through the intercession of the Forerunner and Baptist John, mercifully hearing our prayers, be pleased to bless and sanctify the bees by Your own deep compassion, that they may abundantly bear fruit for the beauty and adornment of Your temple and Your holy altars, and they they may be useful for us, in Christ Jesus our Lord, to Whom be honor and glory unto ages of ages.  Amen.

Gardeners, farmers, nature lovers, florists and photographers all should be praying for the bees.  Those who love the sweetness of honey and the juice of fruits and the taste of vegetables, all should be joining in praying for the bees.

Second Prayer for Bees

O God, who knows how to work benefits through human labor and irrational living things, You instructed us in your loving-kindness to employ the fruits and works of the bees for our needs.  Now humbly we beseech Your majesty: Be pleased to bless the bees and increase them for the profit of the human race, preserving them and making them abundant.  Let everyone hoping in Your majesty and Your boundless compassions, and laboring in the care of these living things, be counted worthy to receive abundant fruits of their labors and to be filled with heavenly blessings in Christ Jesus our Lord, to whom is due glory, honor and worship unto ages of ages. Amen.

The rest of the photos are about bees and other creatures that pollinate as well – all of them essential to our well being and for our enjoying the an abundance of the luscious fruits of the earth.

“Like a bee one should extract from each of the virtues what is most profitable.  In this way, by taking a small amount from all of them, one builds up from the practice of the virtues a great honeycomb overflowing with the soul-delighting honey of wisdom.” (St. Gregory of Sinai – 14th CenturyTHE PHILOKALIA)

“Traversing the fields a bee gathers the ingredients for honey;

traversing the ages the soul infuses sweetness into the mind.”

(Ilias the Presbyter –  ca 12th Century, THE PHILOKALIA)  

“Or else go to the bee, and learn how laborious she is, and her work how valuable it is, whose labors both kings and mean men make use of for their health.  She is desirable and glorious, though she be weak in strength…”   (The Apostolic Constitution, 4th Century)

Jesus Christ said, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly”  (John 10:10).   Bees are a part of that abundant life the Creator gives us – they are essential to flowers, honey, wine, wheat, fruit and all those signs of the abundance of life with which God has blessed us.   God has provide other pollinators as well for which we should give thanks to God, and also work to protect in our concern for nature and the world which God has made.

“… We got to talking about the beauty of this world of God’s, and about its great mystery.  For each blade of grass, each little bug, ant, golden bee, knows its way amazingly; being without reason, they witness to the divine mystery, they ceaselessly enact it.”  (Fyodor Dostoyevsky,  THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV,  Kindle Loc. 6636-37)

For all the pollinators, especially the bees of so many varieties, we give thanks to God our Creator.  O Lord, how manifold are Your works, in wisdom You made them all!  (Psalm 104:24)   And we pray not only that God will abundantly bless the bees, but even their hives.

A Prayer Blessing the Beehives

O Almighty and Pre-eternal God: You hold all creation in the palm of your hands; You possess the heavens, the earth and all that is them; You compassionately grant unto all created things that which is beneficial for them.  With compunction, we pray to You,  O all-good One: As in ancient times You granted the Israelites a land flowing with milk and honey, and as you were well-pleased to nourish Your baptizer John in the wilderness with wild honey, so now by Your good pleasure and caring for our sustenance, bless the beehives in their apiary, greatly increase the number of bees in them, preserve them by Your grace, and fill us rich with honey.   Let none of these beehives which You have fashioned be deprived of bees, but let them always be filled with honeycombs of honey.  And according to Your great benefits and invincible might, let them be shown undefeated by evils and unshaken by curses.  Rather, fenced round about by Your all-powerful might and defended by your armed host, let them always remain unharmed and in Your grasp, O Christ.  For Yours it is to be merciful and to save us, O Christ our God, and unto You do we send up glory,  honor and worship, together with Your Father and Holy Spirit.  Amen.

St. John the Forerunner is mentioned in two of the above prayers, a patron saint for bees whose honey the bible tells us he enjoyed.     In Bulgaria the Orthodox have a special day dedicated to the blessing of honey, bees and beehives.   On February 10 each year St. Haralambos is commemorated and honey is blessed.

You can find links to all of my other photo blogs at My Photoblogs.   See also my blog To Bee or Not to Be and How Sweet It Is To Bee.

39 thoughts on “The Blessing of the Bees

  1. I love bees & especially their honey! Even though I am allergic to bee stings I wanted to start a couple of bee hives a few years back for pollinating my garden, but hubby wouldn’t have it :-( He said he didn’t want them stinging his horses…who don’t seem to produce anything other than smelly stuff (which my garden also likes) ;-)

    Beautiful photography, Father!

  2. Roswitha Moehring

    A note and advise to Rhonda,
    Regarding your allergy to bee stings : it can be successfully treated and cured with immunotherapy (allergy shots) in a doctors office. It consists of a serious of injections of purified bee venom into the fatty tissue under the skin. First, however, you need to consult an allergist who after reviewing your history of bee stings may do a skin and/or blood test to check you out for persistent IgE antibodies against bee venom. For more info go to the public website of the American Academy (or College) of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.
    Roswitha Moehring, MD, Board certified allergist

  3. Roswitha,
    Thanks for the information. I do suspect that I have outgrown my childhood allergy to bees in which I had a couple of severe reactions. I was later stung in college by a very sneaky, very cranky hornet & had no reaction other than a headache (aside from the unavoidable pain & local swelling which a slice of onion quickly cured). When I see them, I give them a very large “personal space” just in case ;-) If (God forbid) hubby kicks the bucket, his horses had better learn to stay away from my new beehives :-)

  4. Brenda Hubbs

    Simply amazing! I join in blessing God’s small, but, amazing creatures. Whenever I can, I try to educate people about bees! Thank you for the beautiful photography capturing bees being bees. :)

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  10. Don

    I am an Orthodox Christian and a beekeeper as well. Thanks for this meditation. My parish has three beekeepers and this is a wonderful hobby that has a rich tradition in Orthodoxy.

      1. Don

        Dear Father Ted, Thanks for the prayer. I just returned from inspecting my two hives and found an amazing amount of activity in front of one of them. The bees were engaging in orientation flights where the bees who are about to graduate to foraging learn the whereabouts of the hive relative to everything else. it was truly remarkable.
        There were probably 500 to 1000 bees in the air and in front of this one hive when I arrived. It is truly a wonder of God’s creation to see. I have a second hive that has struggled this year, but is possibly coming around. Bees always have a capacity to surprise, which is one of the things I find most engaging about them.

      2. Fr. Ted

        Well, considering the news I’ve heard about bees, I’m grateful your one hive is doing well. May God bless them all.

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  16. Ft Ted, who are the Orthodox patron Saints for either bees or beekeepers? The three that my research turn up are Ambrose, Charalambos, Gobnait, and Modomnock. However, I can’t find an authoritative source to tell me which of them are recognize by the Orthodox Church.

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  18. Carolyn Ryder

    Thank you for such a thoughtful reflection. Today is my first day as a (hobby) beekeeper and I’ve said the prayer near my hive. Greetings and best wishes, Carolyn, Yallingup Western Australia

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  27. James Reho

    I am a priest in the Episcopal Church and have been asked to perform a blessing of beehives belonging to one of my parishioners. I was so glad to come upon your post here, will make use of (with credit) the resources and prayers you’ve included. Thank you, Fr. Ted, and may God continue to bless your work!
    Fr. James +

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