Hummingbird Moths

Hummingbird Moths, aka Clearwing Moths, have intrigued me since I first noticed them a couple of years ago.  And I have photography to thank for noticing them, for I had taken my camera on a walk through a wild flower garden when this distinct motion in the midst of the flowers attracted my attention.

When I first one darting about some wildflowers I really did think it was some kind of mini-hummingbird.  I tied unsuccessfully to photograph it the few times I saw it over the past 5 years.   But they seemed notably camera shy and zoomed off as I tried to take aim with the camera.

I saw them very infrequently, and there seemed to be just one and then I would see no more of them.  While walking through a wildflower field at Caesar Creek Lake, I again saw one who escaped my photography effort, but then I noticed there were a couple of them.

So I got my opportunity to take a few photographs of the Hummingbird Moth, and am sharing the photos with you.  On my level of photography it is triumph.

I never even heard of these Clear-wing Moths in my first 55 years of life.  But once I caught a glimpse of one, I wanted to photograph one but they seemed elusive.   To get a few pictures of them, I felt a photographic achievement.

I find so many things in nature which cause me to marvel.  The diversity of life is astounding.

You can find links to all of my photo blogs at My Photoblogs.

The Hummingbird Moth photos are part of my set of photos from Ceasar Creek Lake and you can view the complete set of photos on Flickr account at  Caesar Creek Lake July 2013.

See also my blog  A Caesar Creek Park Walk for other photos of hiking around the Lake.

11 thoughts on “Hummingbird Moths

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  2. Brian Garber

    Thanks Fr. Ted! I’ve often wondered what these little guys were. I think I have a very poor shot of one somewhere. I’ll send you a snap that I took during our Florida vacation. It’s a cell phone pic, but it turned out pretty well.

  3. Great to read this, Fr. Ted. I’ve never seen them around our home here, but I’ve seen them when on pilgrimage to Bodbe Monastery (where St. Nino/Nina reposed) in Eastern Georgia. I also had wondered if it was a some sort of hummingbird. Miraculous creature!

  4. I love the shot with the bee in the background. The first one of course is a spectacular shot of the wings, and all in all, they have taken my level of wonder, for this Sunday in July, to new heights!!…and for that I thankee!!….M. in Christ

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