In Praise of Christ the Creator

O Christ, your ineffable procreation

Preceded the beginning of the ages.

You are the source of light,

You are the shining ray of the Father.

You scatter the gloom

To illuminate the souls of the saints.

You are he who created the world

And the orbits of the stars.

You uphold the center of the earth.

You are the Savior of all.

By You  the sun begins his course

And lightens our days.

By you the crescent moon

Dispels the shadows of the night.

By Your aid seeds sprout

And flocks may graze.

From Your never-failing fountain

Gushes the splendor of the life

That gives fertility to the universe.”

(Synesius of Cyrene – d. 414AD, adapted from THE ROOTS OF CHRISTIAN MYSTICISM, p  60)

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