To Bee or Not to Be

In my blog The Blessing of Bees I offered several prayers from the Orthodox tradition asking God to bless bees.

In this blog I offer a few more photos of our pollinating earthlings with whom we share this planet.

Flowers, fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains – all the wonderful produce we so enjoy – would not be possible without pollinators.

And so too all of the products we make from agricultural produce would not be possible, from juice to pies.

Honey, beeswax, berries as well as cut flower arrangements and many scents, herbs, colors and healing salves are all available to us because of the constant work of bees and other pollinators.

In the above photo, note the full pollen sac.

The July 2013 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC reports that we humans share 44% of our DNA in common with honeybees.   Or that’s the buzz.

You can find links to all of my other photo blogs at My Photoblogs.


4 thoughts on “To Bee or Not to Be

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  2. silver price

    So why should we care about pollinators? Considering that 75% of all flowering plants need pollinators to produce fruit or seeds, our food supply relies heavily on the pollinators, like bees, butterflies, other insects, birds and mammals. As our communities become an interruption of plant corridors, our pollinators, whether insects, birds or mammals, are having a more difficult time surviving. Small patches of plant life are just not able to support the insects needed to pollinate our food supply. And the plant life often chosen many times does not support the pollinators.

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