Marveling at the Creator

“By thus contemplating dispassionately the beauty and use of each thing, he who is illumined is filled with love for the Creator,

He surveys all visible things in the upper and lower worlds: the sky, the sun, the moon, stars and clouds,

water-spouts and rain, snow and hail,

how in great heat liquids coagulate, thunder, lightning, the winds and breezes and the way they change,

lightening (2)

the seasons,

the years, the days, the nights, the hours, the minutes,

the earth,

the sea,

the countless flocks, the four-legged animals,


the wild beasts


and reptiles,

all the kinds of bird,

the springs and rivers,

the many varieties of plant and herb, both wild and cultivated.

He sees in all things the order, the equilibrium, the proportion, the beauty, the rhythm,

the union, the harmony, the usefulness, the concordance, the variety,

the delightfulness, the stability, the motion, the colors, the shapes, the forms,

the reversion of things to their source, permanence in the midst of corruption.

Contemplating thus all created realities, he is filled with wonder.

He marvels how the Creator by a simple command brought the four elements forth out of nothing; how, by virtue of His wisdom, opposites do not destroy one another; and how out of the four elements God made all things for our sake.” 

(St Peter of Damaskos – 12th Century, THE PHILOKALIA, Kindle 27613-33)

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