Thanksgiving (2013)

Wishing all my American family friends a Happy THANKSGIVING.  And to all the rest of the world, may God bless you today with peace and joy.   If we can join one another in offering thanks to our Creator for blessings received and then share those blessings with those less fortunate, perhaps we would bring peace to earth as well.

A poem of thanks from the 5th Century Syrian John of Apamea .

“All praise to your knowledge,

all praise to your greatness;

thanksgiving be to you, O Lord of all,

who established your wisdom for us in wonder.

All this does your love bring about,

transporting us from this world to another world

in order to perfect us fully there,

allowing us to grasp there

things of which we are unaware here;

for many are the things which you have in store for us,


things of which we do not yet even know

so as to ask for them.

Just as there are many things

of which a child is unaware in this world

and so does not know to seek for them,

similarly your grace

has prepared for us in the New World

things for which our minds have not yet conceived

of seeking from you or asking,

but which are hidden away in readiness

for that day when they shall be revealed

to everyone according to his capability:

the more a person has loved you,

the more you will manifest yourself here…”

(The Syriac Fathers on Prayer and the Spiritual Life, pp. 346-347)

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