Favorite Views of 2013

We have arrived at the last day of 2013 having completed one more orbit of the sun.   It is looking more familiar each time I come back to this place in the solar system.  This is a good thing since as you get older, you tend to forget some things and it is harder to remember new things.

The sun looks pretty much the same at sunrise and at sunset – it’s pretty had to tell the time by looking at a photo of the sun on the horizon.  That’s probably because we are the ones spinning around it.  The sun isn’t rising or setting at all.  It just moves through infinite space as our planet spins on its axis while orbiting the sun.  Time and space are related – a year is the distance it takes for earth to make one orbit of the sun: to travel about 585 million miles.   That’s a long way to go to get back to where you started.

It is amazing what one thinks about when it gets so late in the year.

Looking back at 2013, there are many things for which I am thankful to God and which brought joy to my heart.  Among them are Dan and Ilona’s wedding:

Both Seth and Julie graduated from Sinclair College.

We said good-bye to my faithful walking companion, Esko who died in the fall.  We welcomed Sox into the family.


I traveled down the California coast in June…

San Francisco at sunrise (above) and the Golden Gate Bridge (below).

Venice Beach in the LA area (below).

I saw with my own eyes where Angels walk on earth.

And I made it to the East coast as well.

Boston (above) and New York City (below).

A view of Manhattan (below) from the Rockefeller Center.

I was able to see the natural beauty with which God has blessed both America and the entire world.  I was able to be on both the West and East coasts with son, John.

Yosemite (above) to Caesar Creek Lake (below).

The George Washington Bridge in NY (below).

Caesar Creek wetlands (below).

Sometimes, we just have to enjoy the beauty, grace and peace which we encounter in this world.

You can find a set of my favorite 2013 photos at 2013 Favorites.  We bid farewell to the old year and look forward to what might gladden our hearts in the New.

See also my photoblog Natural Beauty 2013.  You can see a list of all of my photoblogs with links to them at  My PhotoBlogs.

Have a blessed 2014.  May the next 585 million miles be blessed by God as well.


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