The Gospel, The Heart, The World

“[St.] Paul … was, nevertheless, a preacher – a proclaimer of the good news of God’s intervention in human history through Jesus Christ. This good news was not a private message of personal salvation, though it included the salvation of individuals. It was a political announcement, or better a theopolitical announcement (politics involving God), that challenged – and challenges – the very core of how people relate to one another in the real world. Man in the modern or postmodern world claims, contrary to their actual experiences, that religion or spirituality and politics can and should be separated.

Religion is supposedly personal and private, while politics is obviously public. That this divorce of religion from politics does not exist and does not work is clear from the daily news. The ancients did not try to mask the connection. They saw God or the gods as deeply interested in human affairs; so too with Jesus and then Paul. Jesus was not crucified for preaching a search for God within, as the noncanonical Gospel of Thomas describes his message, but for preaching the coming of the reign of God.”

(Michael J. Gorman, Reading Paul, pps. 41-42)

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