Another Look at Costa Rica

I already posted in a previous blog some photos I took while in Costa Rica.  Just want to share a few others – I treat all of my journeys at photo safaris.

The sun setting over the Pacific Ocean gave the optical illusion of almost melting into the ocean.

People do assemble each evening when the weather conditions are right to watch the sunset.  One never  tires of such beauty in God’s creation.  Fewer take advantage to see the beach at dawn.

The Pacific was peaceful that morning, the wet sand perfectly reflecting the sky.

We also viewed some of the country’s agriculture.  Our bus got stopped at a banana crossing – banana bunches are placed on a zip line kind of device and moved through the plantation to the waiting trucks.  The bus had to wait while the banana bunches crossed the road.  The “caboose” of the banana train was a worker also being carried along.

Fruit and vegetables were plentiful from what I saw, and part of the beauty of the country.

And there were many flowers to enjoy even though the rainy season had not yet begun.

Costa Rica is home to many sloths – both three and two toed – at least for North Americans it is a thrill to see what to us is an exotic animal.

Monkeys are as common as squirrels at times.

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6 thoughts on “Another Look at Costa Rica

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  2. vfinnell

    Very nice, Fr. Ted. I believe the United States built the highways there. It’s one of the places I’d like to visit and the resort you were at seems to be very nice.

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