Costa Rican Animal Moms

This past Sunday, we in the USA celebrated Mother’s Day.  I saw a few good examples of motherhood among animals in Costa Rica, and will share a few photos here.

Above is a hummingbird mom sitting on its nest  – you can see the head, eye and beak of the bird on the right side of the nest.  The tiniest of birds, in a petite tea cup size nest.

Above is a Gray-necked Wood Rail mom, also sitting on her nest.

And a few photos of mother monkeys and their offspring.

White-faced capuchin above and below.

The little rascal is sticking his tongue out at me!

And below Howler monkey mother and child.

Note the young one’s tail totally wrapped around the mother’s tail in both the photo above and below.

And finally, a mother caiman keeping a watchful eye on her congregation of offspring.  She has to keep a watchful eye as the male caiman will try to eat its own offspring.  It is the first difficult lesson the young caiman have to learn in how to survive in the dangerous world of the tropical rainforest.  (And I won’t be posting the male’s photo for Father’s Day!)

All of the above animals we saw in the wild.  We did see also a Puma mother with cubs in captivity at the La Paz Waterfall Gardens.  The Puma is native to the region.

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