Always Rejoice in the Lord

“For many words are not needed, nor a long round of arguments, but if we only consider his expression, we shall find the way that leads to it. He does not simply say, ‘Rejoice always’, but he adds the cause of the continual pleasure saying, ‘Rejoice in the Lord always.’ He who rejoices ‘in the Lord’ cannot be deprived of pleasure by anything that may happen. For all other things in which we rejoice are mutable, changeable and subject to variation. While they remain they do not afford us a pleasure sufficient to repel and veil the sadness that comes upon us from other quarters. But the fear of God contains both these requisites. It is steadfast and immovable, and sheds so much gladness that we admit no sense of other evils. For the man who fears God as he ought and trusts in Him gathers from the very root of pleasure, and has possession of the whole fountain of cheerfulness. And as a spark falling upon a wide ocean quickly disappears, so whatever events happen to the man who fears God, these, falling as it were upon an immense ocean of joy, are quenched and destroyed!” (St. John Chrysostom – d. 407AD, Rejoice in the Lord Always, pg. 5)