Thy Kingdom Come: Focusing on the Kingdom

“This is the reason in fact that we are bidden to say in the prayer, ‘Your kingdom come,’ that our eyes may ever be fixed on that day. I mean, the person caught fast by that desire and nourished by hopes for those good things is not overwhelmed by any of this life’s misfortunes, is not depressed by any griefs of this world. Instead, as those traveling to the royal city are held back by nothing along the way – meadows, gardens, ravines, deserts – and give no attention to any of them looking at one thing alone, the homeland welcoming them, so too those who each day refashion that city for themselves and nourish their desire of it will consider no trouble to be troublesome or any bright and splendid things to be bright and splendid.” (St. John Chrysostom, Commentary on the Psalms, pg. 98)